Aaahhhh weddings……

I grew up in a flower shop. No, honestly, it felt like I lived there! My mom owned a sweet little flower shop and my brother and I often had to go to work with her. I really have no idea what my bro did while he was there but I would create. I would go into the walk in cooler just for the sniffs. I spent hours making things with dried flowers which, at that young age, I thought I wanted my wedding bouquet to be made of dried roses. Yikes!

The days that I got to help my mom with weddings were my absolute favorite. I don’t care who you are, every bride is gorgeous!!! I would be in awe of them as I watched my mom take care of every single detail. She didn’t even know she was teaching me to follow in her footsteps.

Oopsy Daisy can be there from the moment you arrive at the venue until you walk down the aisle. We will work in close contact with the wedding coordinator as well as the reception hall, the dj, the caterer, the bakery and every other detail in between. Having created and serviced dozens of weddings, we know the business and we will have your back the entire day. We believe that it’s our job to make sure that the wedding is beautiful and seamless.